Artist Bio


“Playing the piano is my golf”, is the phrase Royce most often uses around retired contemporaries in neighborhood where he lives. After a 40+ year career in banking and real estate, he has earned the opportunity to play music on his own terms, particularly since moving back to his home state of Texas in early 2022.  

Royce has a deep live performance background both as a solo artist and in a band setting. At the age of 6, he was riding a city bus across town to take classical piano lessons, eventually studying jazz under Jac Murphy (the award winning pianist made famous on the haunting intro to “Wildfire”, the Michael Martin Murphy hit of the 1980s). From there it was a short jump to playing in southern rock and country bands in Texas honky-tonks and Oklahoma blues bars, where Royce honed his chops on boogie-woogie and blues shuffles, western swing, and rockabilly. In 2019, Royce teamed with vocalist Jamie Inman to represent the Suncoast Blues Society (Tampa Bay) at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN. 

For 50 years Royce has composed, recorded, and performed piano rocking blues, country, western swing, rockabilly, & the soul music of the South. He currently lives in Georgetown, TX and performs primarily as solo artist at listening rooms, craft breweries, wineries, retirement communities, and boutique hotels in Central Texas.